Standard Photography vs. HDRI Tours
•Tours created with standard digital photography are fine for many
applications. High Dynamic Range Imagry (HDRI), on the other
hand, contains more detail in both the highlights and shadows, plus
deeper color depth throughout. This is particularly true of scenes
containing interior light sources or large windows. We can recommend
the best approach for your application that will give you the required
quality at the most reasonable cost. You can still include the same
optional features in these tours like hotspots, maps or floorplans,
audio narration and video.
Compare the standard photo tour to the HDRI tour and see the
differences. The HDRI panorama has more detail in the light and
dark areas. Look at the windows and particularly the altar cloth.
Also notice the finer tonal gradations in the dark wooden pews.
Colors are also much richer and more vibrant in the HDRI image.
Wix Pix offers both types and will help you choose, depending
on your needs.
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