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•We have produced panoramic images for years, beginning with cylindrical images and moving to full 360 degree spherical panos. Now we are producing complete virtual tours and using High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI) to create a completely immersive, user navigable and visually stunning tour experience. For our clients, this means they can take their customers to places they want to show them and allow them to explore for themselves.
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Tour Types and Pricing
Virtual tours can be created using high dynamic range images (HDRI) or normal digital images. Both types are available in high resolution with maximum detail. Click on the sample below to see the difference when normal digital images are used instead of HDRI images. Prices depend on the number of images in your tour and the features included. Generally, the cost per panorama is lower as the quantity of panoramas increases. Please call us for ideas and a custom estimate.
Compare Standard Digital Image to HDRI panorama
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