Rent or Buy Audio Assist from Wix Pix
• Rental packages are available immediately for groups of 5 to 25 or more. Rent one day or longer. A trained technician will deliver your system, show you how to use it and answer any questions. Contact WIX PIX for a personal demonstration.
Next time Use an Audio Assist System from WIX PIX. Be sure important visitors hear every word.
The tiny
receiver clips
on a belt or slips in a pocket.
The Group
leader speaks
into a wireless
Visitors hear every word
on wireless headsets.
Call now for prices and details.
Customer Testimonial
"When our international board of directors visited, we had to make sure everything was perfect. With help from WIX PIX our important quests could hear every word our guides said, even in the noisiest settings. Those who strayed 100 or 200 feet away could still hear clear as a bell. No more trying to shout above the background noise for us."
The tiny transmitter sends a
crystal clear FM signal to
receivers worn by each guest.
No one misses a word, even
in noisy manufacturing areas.
Ideal for plant tours, visitor
orientations and more.
With a range of over 200 feet,
guests will be able to hear every
word, wheather they're standing
next to you or hundreds of feed
away. Works indoors or outside.
Consider using Audio Assist in
quiet areas where raising your
voice might disrupt others.
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