Shoot for the sky. Rent this 18-foot
jib for your next production.
• Rent one day or longer. An experienced camera grip will deliver
this high performance camera jib to your location for use on
any set, anywhere. Contact WIX PIX for more information.
Expand Your Capabilities
This 18-foot jib has complete
ground controls for focus,
zoom, pan, tilt and camera
iris. Raise, lower and boom
left and right from the
counter balanced operator
position. A 9-inch monitor
mounts on the tripod
platform for convenient

This boom is equipped to
work with a Canon lens and
camera package not exceeding
20 pounds. Please contact us
with lens/camera compatibility
concerns. The rental package
includes a grip experienced in
setting up the equipment and
operating the controls. Set-up
takes about 2.5 hours; tear-
down takes about 1 hour; both
included in the day rate. You
will be required to provide an
assistant for the day. Your
cameraman will be shown how
to operate the controls. Should
you desire an experienced
cameraman to operate the
boom, WIX PIX will provide
one at an additional cost.

The tiny transmitter sends a
crystal clear FM signal to
receivers worn by each guest.
No one misses a word, even
in noisy manufacturing areas.
Ideal for plant tours, visitor
orientations and more.
With a range of over 200 feet,
guests will be able to hear every
word, wheather they're standing
next to you or hundreds of feed
away. Works indoors or outside.
Consider using Audio Assist in
quiet areas where raising your
voice might disrupt others.
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